Stress, anxiety or feeling a bit down are normal emotions we all face from time to time as we deal with what life throws at us. However, if these negative feelings are prolonged we can be left feeling unable to cope or know where to turn. Our health can deteriorate and we can feel disconnected from others and the world around us.

Any number of negative life experiences can cause distress, depression, anxiety, loss of identity, lack of self-esteem or loss of control. The process of counselling – talking to a qualified, impartial professional – can help alleviate these negative thoughts and feelings that can lead to repetitive negative behaviours, bringing a sense of clarity, control and well-being.


Located in Pepper House in Hazel Grove, Stockport close to the M60 and only a 5 minute drive from Stockport town centre my therapy room has a welcoming atmosphere, great facilities and provides a safe and comfortable space.

Car parking can be found on-site and is free of charge.

Full Address:

Lara Jackson Counselling
Pepper House
1 Pepper Road
Hazel Grove

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